Free replacement Christmas Light bulbs - proper pic added

Free replacement Christmas Light bulbs - proper pic added

Found 6th Dec 2008
I called B&Q yesterday and asked if they had spare bulbs for a pre-wired tree I bought from them 4 years ago. They didn't have the exact ones, but the chap searched a box and found some very similar. When asked how much they were, he said... 'free'. I went in an picked up a couple of packs (5 per pack) which fixed all my dud ones. They were indeed free and they have lots of different ones, 2.4V, 12v, etc etc. The picture isn't the item itself. They are supplied in little bubblewrap bags. Since they are just standard bulbs, they'll surely work for non-B&Q sets too. btw, you have to ask for them. I didn't need to take any proof of purchase, as least not in my local store...


hot if you can get them

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Here's a clickable pic-link to a hi-res pic I just took of the packet... as you can clearly see, it says "Free of Charge"

Other half works for b&q and tis all bulbs

They did this last year aswell

Picked some up today :santa:
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