FREE Reptile Petfood Samples

FREE Reptile Petfood Samples

Found 12th Sep 2006
As per the title.
I think these come from the US.
Iguana Bites.
Tortoise Bites.
Bearded Dragon Bites.
Monitor Bites.
Bug Bites.
Cricket Bites.
Gecko Bites.
Aquatic Turtle Bites.


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Just noticed this, cheers dinostevus, my beardie will love this (I hope).
[SIZE=2]You got any reptiles then?[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=2]You got any reptiles then?[/SIZE]

Yes, I have a Geko :thumbsup:
See this thread:-:-D

hmmmm would you trust to feed these to your pets though ?? who knows what's in them. i would treat these with caution - the website doesnt inspire much confidence either.

I believe it is better to feed your reptiles, natural foods with vitamin supplements, than rely on these prepared foods to satisfy their dietary requirements.

Yeah I'm aware of that, she has crickets most days, but somedays the post don't come with the crickets so this sort of stuff would be handy for that.
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