Free Restraint Kit at Lovehoney with £20 spend

Free Restraint Kit at Lovehoney with £20 spend

Found 4th Sep 2015
Free* Luxury restraint bondage kit worth £54.99 when you spend £20 online at Lovehoney - it's also Free delivery over £20 too.

Comes with everything you need to lash your other half to the bed and take away their senses without the use of drugs! What's more it's official 50 shades merchandise so when the wife sees it and screams, you can pull the book of the shelf and say "heh, you read about it, now try it!"

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PS - cant post bigger pics because the work's proxy is blocking it!
Let Loughboro Guy know, he's into this kind of stuff...
So in the non luxury version are the restraints, blindfold and pouch made out of sandpaper and the paddle is bit of old MDF?

Anyway, I can get 20 metres of rope from Poundland and I'm sure I've got an old ping pong bat in the loft.
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who on earth would pay that much for that tat?!
few cable ties and boxer shorts over her head, job done
No body would pay that - the point is that if you fancy spending £20 on your OH for a bit of fun (they have a vast array of items on offer anyway far cheaper than the usual suspects) then you get a little something extra for nothing!
Roll of gaffer tape is much cheaper.

PS - cant post bigger pics because the work's proxy is blocking it!

​Your former employer will laugh at this.
Its amazing how much you can charge for rubbish when you put a brand like fifty shades on the box, I swear this is left over stock from the saw branded bondage kit from a few years back.
this is a great thing, fit restraints chain her up then put blindfold on her, slip out to pub for a few hours
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