FREE RHS Variety for Life pack.- first 1000 each day

FREE RHS Variety for Life pack.- first 1000 each day

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FREE RHS Variety for Life pack.

This year the RHS is supporting the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity by encouraging gardeners across the UK to join our Variety for Life campaign.

Join our Variety for Life campaign and if you are one of the first 1,000 to sign up each day* over a 10 day period (from 8 June) we will send you a FREE RHS Variety for Life pack. The pack is full of ideas of how you can help support biodiversity as well as two free packets of seeds that have been specially selected to encourage wildlife into the garden.


Thank you all signed up.

Many thanks.

I have no idea if I signed up or not.
Filled in my details and hit submit.
Didn't get an error but also didn't get any acknowledgment. :?

Edit....tried again but this time only ticked [SIZE="3"]1[/SIZE] action box and it worked.

I had the same, did 1 action box , still the same, messed about a bit and got
'Thank you for joining Variety for Life
Thank you for joining our RHS Variety for Life campaign. If you are one the first 1000 people to sign up today you will receive your Variety for Life pack in 28 days (one pack per household). You will also receive our monthly Wild About Gardens e-newsletter.'
So I assume that's a sort of confirmation.


Thanks Holly :thumbsup:

This is a really worthy thing to do I reckon - hope people stick to their plans!

I am looking forward to building a Bee Hotel as you hardly see that many these days.

Some folk tend to kill bees as they think they pose some threat - they only sting when provoked or to directly protect their queen.

Nice positive post - H&R from me

Many thanks

Great post thanks alot

All signed up. Thanks. :thumbsup:

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this is a daily thing - im putting in each day in case i didnt get first one -
if its duplicated i am sure they will say so - so noone loses out:thumbsup:

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