Free Ribena (Town Centres)

Free Ribena (Town Centres)

LocalFound 21st Jul 2017
Ribena are taking to the local Town Centres around the UK and giving away Free Bottles of Ribena today - I asked if it was local but the woman told me it was national today - so grab yours now, I got my 2 bottles of Strawberry Ribena today! There are other flavours just depends on availability. Please let us know if you got some!
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On the radio someone recounted at University his mate was sick in the night after drinking Ribena. He puked up in the basin and forever afterwards the white porcelain basin was stained pink. They could not get the stain out !
Thanks x
emribena51 m ago


You would say that...
Sod bottles, cartons are the only way
Any idea which locations? London has a lot of town centres
Stafford had them there on Thurs.
I had one from Nottingham yesterday.
They were in Huddersfield on Thursday! Partner got a couple
In Swansea 2 weeks ago, in the warm weather, very refreshing.
Nothing in my local town center are they out again next weekend?
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