Free Ringsizer Tool!
Free Ringsizer Tool!

Free Ringsizer Tool!

To get your FREE ringsizer tool simply fill out the form! VERY HANDY TOOL!!


heat and rep added thx for this might give my bf a hint lol :P

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heat and rep added thx for this might give my bf a hint lol :P

Awww bless you...

Tempted to order one in my blokes name...HINT!!!!!!!

Thanks. Could come in handy.

When my husband and I were engaged i decided I wanted to get him a ring as well, as I wanted it to be a surprise, I phoned him and said I'd been reading a cosmo article on '***** size and how to calculate it' I told him I had to do some complicated sums that involved his height, shoulder width etc etc and of course his ring finger width, which I got him to measure with a piece of string and a ruler. He actually fell for it and didn't have a clue! Good job he's pretty! Good deal, brought back a good memory!

oh I didn't know it would blank pen is

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oh I didn't know it would blank pen is


hahaha, que the angry boyfriends!!! :-D


Can't you just gauge it by number of fingers?

A what?



Ordered for the hell of it. lol

cheers :thumbsup:

Sorry voted cold.
It is free but it's useless as well.
I got one from an earlier post, about 6 months ago.
It's made from quite weak, flexible plastic, so its very hard to judge a good fit on not perfectly round fingers. I was looking for wedding rings at the time, so went to quite a few jewellery shops with the missus. Compared to the solid metal gauges they use in the shops the sizes indicated by this gauge were consistently way off, for my slim fingers and the wife’s sausages.....
Anyone else hear a frying pan flying??
Free yes, but worth the cost in paper, plastic, etc etc?

why would I need to measure the size of my ring? Especially with a tool, it either fits or it doesn't !!

thanks,heat added:thumbsup:

I received mine yesterday morning and its not made of cheap plastic.... Yes its made of plastic but its flexible so you are able to put it on your finger and see how comfortable it is. Thx for this link


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