FREE RINGTONES! (Buy a can of dr. pepper)
FREE RINGTONES! (Buy a can of dr. pepper)

FREE RINGTONES! (Buy a can of dr. pepper)

When you buy a can of dr. pepper you get a code to get a free ringtone, which you can either enter on the website or text in
20 to collect!


Welcome to HUKD.

I've moved this to deals - the freebies section is only for items with no spend whatsoever Plus, I'll add a little info to the title to let people know what the deal is about. Thanks

Why is his so cold, if people like Dr Pepper ( i do) this s a great deal.

I know the ringtones are random but has anyone got one yet? What are they like?

I have got 6 of them so far, the Doctor Pepper theme tune from the ads is about the best, the rest have been awful, worth a laugh if you have free GPRS on your phone etc.

I have only tried this and have one ringtone on my phone that goes 'ring ring Come on......pick me up. Whats the worse that can happen?' :roll:

Terms section 4:
Participation in the promotion is via mobile only, using the unique 9 digit codes found on promotional 330ml and 500ml packs of 'Dr Pepper', and 'Dr Pepper Zero'.

You cannot enter on the website.
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