Free Roll up papers (Smokers)
Free Roll up papers (Smokers)

Free Roll up papers (Smokers)

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bad habit - kick it

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Oh I don't smoke gave up ages ago - but some people remain smokers...

Thanks Dabbit

A pint of real ale and a roll up, that's all I need.:thumbsup:

I'm not looking forward to next year...:-(

it will only kill ya - not a good freebie - voting cold!

it will only kill ya - not a good freebie - voting cold!

lol fab idea!

And who are you gary to tell people what to do?:roll:

There are few pleasures in life, some guilty ones, and none of them are small.

Let me have mine, and I'll let you have yours.

Note that I don't encourage anyone to smoke, or do anything for that matter.

haha.. ok ]Thom you can kill ya self!

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Its a matter of choice...Too much red meat is bad for you, too much chocolate and sweets, too much alcohol, people know the risks by now so they have that choice. Most smokers respect that others don't want to inhale their old smoke so leave the room. I was at a wedding last night, there were ash trays on the table and yet the people who wanted to smoke went outside...I'm a non smoker and don't approve of smoking but some smokers (vegetarians maybe) wouldn't approve of me eating meat) we all have our own faults

I'm a smoker and my wife eats meat.
Theres nothing more satisfying than smoking a fag while my wife eats my meat...

Alright! Free spliffs....err i mean fags.

Should make nice little paper planes. Thanks
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