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Posted 17 February 2024

Free "Rotom" Research in Pokémon GO - Sinnoh Tour

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Special Research to get a free Rotom for Pokémon GO Sinnoh Tour!
Redeem through the Niantic Rewards, and it'll be added to your Events Tab in Pokémon GO!
Pokemon More details at
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  1. UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    Can you not use trainer club to sign in? Only gives me Facebook, Google, Apple and Niantic kids.
    Arkz's avatar
    You should really link google or something as a backup on your account. Trainer club login has gone down in the past.
  2. AMTF's avatar
    For anyone unable to use the website to redeem the code, contact support in-game. They are able to add their research for you. Very useful for kids accounts because they are not able to access the web store
    lanc1979's avatar
    You can log in on this page with a niantic kids account, and redeem. I did.
  3. marteee's avatar
    Anything other than Bidoof from Sinnoh actually spawning though? (edited)
    kai.ross-best's avatar
    A couple things at the moment, but tomorrow the "Road to Sinnoh" week, so I'm sure there'll be many more spawning in (I believe confirmed at the moment is only an increase of Turtwig, Chimchar & Piplup), as well as at the weekend (24th & 25th) is the Sinnoh Tour with mostly Sinnoh Pokémon spawning
  4. acelove's avatar
    Urgh what is wrong with Niamtic and removing the code box from the app on android and making you login externally on a website, which points you to loot boxes that cost £85.

    Terrible UX choices and desperate for people to cough up huge amounts of money.

    It's gross. I think I'm done, it's getting ridiculous
  5. Maximillion's avatar
    Remember when Pokemon used to be based on real things not aliens, light fixings or household items? 🤦🏼‍♂️
    adamguest1985's avatar
    151 purists forgeting Porygon exists.
  6. Sprintz's avatar
    Anyone have an armored mew two for a flying trade?
    RogerMiBooty's avatar
    Maybe but I don’t fly myself!
  7. baw_bags's avatar
  8. PonJaul76's avatar
    Redeemed but no Rotom for me after completing ?
    MaarthaYork's avatar
    You need to complete the research task
  9. RogerMiBooty's avatar
    Was surprised to see a combo of HUKD, PoGo and JSaL in one place 
  10. JimmyBobby's avatar
    Mine wasn't shiny
    kai.ross-best's avatar
    Neither was mine I've seen some people have some luck though!
    Luckily you tend to be able to get Rotom's in buddy screenshots in events like this (probably more-so on the weekend if it'll happen at all), so if that's the case, you might get another few attempts!
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