Free Salad seeds with Lakeland catalogue
Free Salad seeds with Lakeland catalogue

Free Salad seeds with Lakeland catalogue

NOTE: This offer was on last year, request the new Lakeland catalogue which comes with a free packet of salad seeds stuck on the front cover.They dont advertise the free salad seeds on their website but if you goto one of their Lakeland stores you see them stuck to the front cover.


Voted Hot, hopefully they dont forget to send the seeds! :o)

Yep a voted hot from me!



Got these last year, hot!

Thanks, I got these last year too, they were really nice when grown

cant find link to free seeds only free catalogue:):-(

You need to request the gardening catalogue and you will automaticly receive the seeds inside the envelope. You're best off phoning up for a catalogue then you'll definately get the seeds Tel no.015394 88100 :thumbsup:

thank you

Done it, cheers!!!

bahh no free seeds on my catalogue


bahh no free seeds on my catalogue

same :?

No seeds here either


No seeds here either


No seeds for me either:? I didn`t realiise I had to phone for the gardening catalogue.:giggle:
I just ordered the ordinary catalogue online:roll:

I'm also seedless! :-(

Same :-(

only got a useless magazine...no seeds
misleading post.

Hi Why don't you repost the link you've set up for the Lakeland catalogue. As everybody is filling in the catalogue request screen and receiving a Kitchen catalogue and not a gardening catalogue with the free seeds. If you repost the link to give the phone number this will cut down on the amount of people saying cold!!! :thumbsup::roll: Just a thought. That way if they call Lakeland and requst the Garden one they will get the seeds first time around!!:whistling:
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