Free Saltcave Session (Multiple Locations + Can Book Online) for Adults & Kids (worth £35)

Free Saltcave Session (Multiple Locations + Can Book Online) for Adults & Kids (worth £35)

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Found 13th Sep 2017
Been wanting to try one of these sessions for a while now & thought about buying a voucher off Groupon for £9 to give it a try as really didn't want to pay the full price of £35, but when I looked into it further, it seems you can have a FREE session for both adults & children + you can book online for it too.

Just follow the get deal link & choose the First Salt Therapy Session which is priced at £0 (can book by phone too).

If you like it, then there is nothing to stop you buying a groupon voucher after HERE

Locations: Earlsfield, Tunbridge Wells, Bexleyheath, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Inverness, Edinburgh, West Midlands, Aberdeen, NE London

Salt Therapy aka Halotherapy is a powerful, natural treatment in a controlled air medium that simulates the natural salt cave microclimate to treat respiratory and skin conditions.

The Salt Cave is a chain of clinics providing 100% natural, effective, risk-free Salt Therapy treatments. Visitors merely sit back in one of our treatment rooms, where the healing micro-climate of a natural salt cave is reproduced by the most advanced device called Breeze Tronic Pro. This technology is used ONLY by The Salt Cave franchise in the United Kingdom.
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