Free Sample Artificial Grass Pack Request

Free Sample Artificial Grass Pack Request

Found 25th Feb 2008
I know this is a nonsense freebie but you never know someone out there may want one!!
So please take this freebie as a bit of fun!!!
Don't knock me down


Hi this is great to go in the childrens play house Thanx pinkmelonsmr2

Original Poster

thanks hun

could be a good door mat if it's big enough

I got some and made a landing pad for my cat where her poo box was so that the pellets and dust get trapped just as she comes out. Perfect .. until OH decided to throw away when I wasn't home because it was not the same colour as floor. ;-)

thanks, voted hot - what a mad freebie!!!

I Got This Months Ago For The Chickens Nest Boxes!
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