Free Sample Bottle of Anti-bacterial Spray
Free Sample Bottle of Anti-bacterial Spray

Free Sample Bottle of Anti-bacterial Spray

STERI-X is a technological breakthrough in the ongoing battle against the deadly pathogenic bacteria like MRSA. Steri-X offers proven protection against bacteria and once applied to the surface it remains 100% effective for at least 7 days!
Fill in your details for your FREE sample of Steri-X. (PHONE NUMBER IS OPTIONAL)

They have added £1.95 postage & packaging per 30ml bottle now, so not really free anymore. Probably cheaper to buy in a store
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Sent for mine, thank you. H+

:thumbsup:this is a good one,sent for mine.thanks dr simon:thumbsup:

Thanks ordered mine:)

Thanks Simon - nice find

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Good one Doc Thanks again H & R given.

Now lets hope they arrive before there all given out.

Also done it for family X 4 :whistling:

Thanks Doc!!
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Many thanks

Another fab find hun x

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thanks just what the doctor ordered !!

Thanks.....a good one H&R added.

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Heat and Rep added. Good find Doctor


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worth a shot, thx

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Thanks Doc!

username DrSimon who supplies links to free medical related samples? Do I smell an inside job here?

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There is £1.95 postage and packing fee per bottle now!

We would like to thank you for your interest in this product. However please note that this 30ml free sample on the [url]www.steri-x.com[/url] site was only ever intended for Businesses as the [url]www.steri-x.com[/url] site is an information site primarily for Businesses only.

However due to the public popularity and interest in our unique product and the number of requests we had for a Steri-x 30ml free sample, we have made this now available to the public on [url]www.searchforsupply.com[/url] at a cost of £2.25 postage and packing in the UK and £3.95 postage and packing shipping anywhere out of the UK.

We are also offering a special introductory discount voucher of £4 off the Steri-x 750 ml spray bottle. Just enter code STERI-X at checkout in the discount coupon box for your discount.

We thank you again for your interest in our product and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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