Free Sample for Body Builders - Dialene 4 from Scivation
Free Sample for Body Builders - Dialene 4 from Scivation

Free Sample for Body Builders - Dialene 4 from Scivation

The compounds present in Dialene 4 have multi-faceted positive impacts on body composition and health. This is a fat burner that helps you shed fat like crazy and provides energy beyond belief. Also makes it a very good pre workout supplement.

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Sounds like good stuff.

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thanks,reckon id need a ton of the stuff to burn my fat though !! :oops:
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lol u belive that ?
all it does at most is give u extra energy i doubt it actually burns it off any other way, another false hope for loosing weight....

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good find


[COLOR="Red"]Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements especially ones that haven't been approved by our governing health bodies!![/COLOR]

The only thing listed in the warning section is that the product contains caffeine. There is no list of side effects associated with caffeine such as sleeplessness, headaches, and dependency

There are other ingredients that have potential side effects as well such as vinpocetine, which can cause dizziness, weakness, and uneasiness

The website mentions scientific studies that back up the claims made about the ingredients, but no links to these study results are available

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Do these taste like steroids?

I've been through so many different types of fat burners, and to be honest there's only one that is permanent.

Calorific defecit (i.e. consuming less calories than your body uses, whether that be by eating a little less or exersizing more).

Don't fall for the claims of all these fat burning products. All they really do is speed up your metabolism. Once you stop taking them your metabolism will return to normal, and you will put the weight back on (been there, done that, I went from 19.5 stone to 13.5 stone, and now back up to 18 stone after I stopped taking the supplements...and the reason I did is below).

As well as that, the long term effects of a lot of the chemicals used in these products are unknown, a common, and dangerous, problem with some of these chemicals is kidney damage. And trust me, I know....I tried a few different fat burning diet supplements and am now one kidney short of a pair, with the doctors having no explanation as to how I lost the kidney other than me taking these relatively new diet supplements which haven't been around long enough to be considered safe.

It's just not worth the risk....

good info to know thanks jukkie!
I m 10 stones so I should also give this a miss .. otherwise I would have only bones left
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