Free Sample Of Berrimans Dog Food
Free Sample Of Berrimans Dog Food

Free Sample Of Berrimans Dog Food

[This is a e-mail offer]

Berrimans is soon becoming one of the markets favourite dog foods. The 3 diets are quite simply, nutrition at its best, including whole natural ingredients to keep your dog happy and healthy it's entire life.

To order your free sample today, simply click on the link below (which opens your outlook express - if using another email programme simply copy and paste the address and subject) and type in your full name and address and your choice of free sample.

Choose either Puppy/Junior Plus, Maintenance Plus or Senior/Light Plus.


cheers will give it a go :thumbsup:


got this email

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Berrimans is fast becoming a well respected, healthy and nutritious alternative dog food brand with a superior content to many other products. It has been tried and tested and shown to produce excellent results with all types of dogs.

By offering you a free sample, we hope to give you the opportunity to try our products and ensure you do not waste your money on a large amount if your dog does not like Berrimans.

Unfortunately, due to the enormous response we have had over the past two weeks it has become nonviable to offer free samples without making a small charge to cover the postage and packing. We have therefore had to implement a £1.25 fee to cover this cost.

We are however delighted to inform you that this will be fully redeemable against your first purchase of Berrimans Dog food, or any other products from PetClub UK.

To order your free sample, please click on the link below:

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