Free Sample of Cafe Switch - New Offer

Free Sample of Cafe Switch - New Offer

Found 13th Oct 2006
Choose from 3 flavours - We're sure your thumbs will love all three Café Switch® varieties, but which one will your taste buds like best?

To get your free sample just fill in your details here, and your thumbs
will be rewarded within 28 days.

Sorry there's only 1 free sample per household and you must be over 18.
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Thanks…955, I'll give it a try, never heard of this brand before.
Tried this last time the offer was on but never received the sample - got an email saying they had too many requests & couldn't supply :-(
I've actually just done this but seeing it had been posted earlier thought I was too late...But seeing it's a new offer makes me feel better
Cheers, have ordered some for hubby as he loves coffee!!
:thumbsup: mmmmm FREE Coffee
yummy yummy:-D
I love coffee, but it tastes so much better when it's free. Never heard of these "cafe switch" things before... They look so strange, but the white innocence one sounds delightfull.

PS. The nescafe cappio's are disgusting. Asda had them for 67p a while ago, got 4, touched 1, and binned the rest. And im a coffee lover too :P
If I keep drinking all this coffee I'm in danger of looking completely wired!
Cheers my man
thanks :-) My mam got one of these last time but i didn't!
thank you all for voting
Never heard of this before but who cares, its a freebie and I have applied for it. Thanks.
Order placed! Thanks
Looking forward to this .... Thanks
Received mine today :-D Exercised my thumbs but not sure I liked the coffee! But hey, a great freebie and better than buying them to find out if I liked it :thumbsup:
recieved mine today...Not impressed at all....Can't see this taking off in the shops...but its a freebie! thanks OP
ahh finished.. but you can enter a draw for £1000
I actually bought some at Sainsbury's and agree with sindy - I wasn't struck at all
I still haven't got mine, must have ordered too late.

Is it nice?

I spotted these in Asda the other day - they are sold individually - 4 for £1, with 4 x 30p coupons
Never got mine... Guess i'll need to try them out - £1 for 4 doesnt sound too bad when you compare to the £1++ Kenco Cappio (different sort of product i know).
Speaking of such... It came though today - that was strange. Had it today for my lunch and my goodness, I have never enjoyed a coffee like that before. I got the white innocence one which is just heavenly! Not a strong coffee, which is what I like, but the vinilla and caramel really gave it that "mmmm" factor.

Definately gonna buy a basket-load
Mine arrived this morning (I'd given up all hope). By some strange coincidence the postie delivered it just as I arrived at work to find my colleagues had used the last of the instant coffee, brilliant

Now, on to the drink. I thought it was rather sweet and certainly wouldn't consider drinking it on a daily basis. I felt a complete prat with the whole 'thumb' gimmick and I don't think it's ideal - Made evident by the contents attempt to attack my shirt as I opened the pods.

There's no chance that these will ever take off...
Well, mine came today too, and i have to say i have had a small play with it :geek:
Namely as i dont like coffee, but ordered it for the fun of it :giggle:
Didn't taste all that good, a watery creamy taste. However by the time I got through a mug though it grew on me a lil, but normal coffee is best any day.

Also was sweet for me as I don't take sugar!
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