Free sample of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche perfume

Free sample of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche perfume

Found 21st Aug 2007
With thanks to ickle on MSE for the link.
The link will take you to the Stylefinder site>
Click on the perfume bottle on the right>
Click on 'TACK A CHANCE'>
Fill in your details.

Hopefully it will be a small bottle or it's yet another card for the sock drawer!

*****************Please see revised link in the next post.*****************
- palspal
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cant get it to work!!
Nor can I. My missus loves this stuff :-(
It worked for me fine
Keep trying:) The advert on the right keeps changing with the Harrods promotion!

But, while you're waiting, you could download a voucher for a free Harrods milkshake or tote bag:…pdf…pdf

The perfume link is back again:) 22.05pm
seems to be working fine:thumbsup:
can someone post a direct link please, it's not working for me on any browser...
[COLOR="Blue"]seems to be working thanks OP cw[/COLOR]
Done - thanks.
I love perfume samples.. Many Thanks Palspal!
free milkshake when you order a main course .........

I can't get this to adverts show on the right side of the page...
For the people who can't see the add. I think it's your pop up blocker stopping it. Try this link. [url][/url]

Hmm, well that's the link the website takes ya too, but it doesn't work. So try to stop the ad/pop up blocker, and it should work

I tried, sorry
The advert is still there and it's working for me.

There isn't a direct link, so clicking on the advert is the only way to bring up a pop-up with the application form.

I'm using a Mac with Safari, with the pop-ups blocked, so I guess that it may not be working on some PCs with other OSs.
lol That link doesn't work for me but pleased that you found one that does.:thumbsup:
I couldn't get it to work last night but kept trying then eventually saw the perfume bottle and clicked it. Great find. Love Chanel stuff. Voted hot.
Yep its working ok for me at the mo too, thanks
I cant get it to work for me :-(
ordered mine thanks
arrived this morning...a little spray...very nice.
Mine arrived this morning too....very impressed with them for actually honouring the deal.
I got mine today, awesome.
Got mine. Im glad its the proper sample bottle, those postcards are useless.
mine arrived yesterday...its quite good i must say...
got mine its a cute 2ml spray perfect for my handbag! thanks xx
Mine came this morning, does anyone know if the make over offer is free???
Got mine too, thanks op!
got mine today morning, a nice little bottle.
got mine thanks.
[COLOR="Magenta"]just ordered mine thanks [/COLOR]
I got mine a couple of days ago and its lovely thanks.
nice looks, props man

Mine came this morning, does anyone know if the make over offer is free???

It should be as the card says Complimentary:thumbsup:
Mine arrived the other day! :thumbsup:
Got mine the other day, on my christmas list already! =]
Yeah got mine last week
just ordered:-D
is it a bottle or a post card?

is it a bottle or a post card?

it's a bottle :thumbsup:
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