Free Sample Of Chanel Rouge Allure
Free Sample Of Chanel Rouge Allure

Free Sample Of Chanel Rouge Allure

Free Sample of Chanel's Le Rouge Allure.

There is a small movie clip at the begining you have to sit through, then click "Collect your prestige sample" in the bottom left side of the screen to claim.


And people believe all that crap about a bit of GREASE .

Women are such fools.

Paint only hides whats beneath.

Ratcatcher is either ugly or blind. Hmm. Both? I didn't watch any film..... well some light thing? but clicked in the bottom left hand corner when the main bit started!

I didnt sit around to wait for film either, as for make up, I dont wear much myself but when there is a freebie going I aint gonna put me nose up at it!!!

Thanks, voted hot hot hot!:-D

Strange ...

why on sign up are the choices:

Miss Ms or Mr???

Surely Mrs would have more takings than Mr??? Or married women not allowed red lipstick?? The Harlots!!

That's Chanel!!! voted hot

Voted hot, just hope its not a sachet or the missus will be miffed

Hmmm its just not my colour so I give this one a miss..:giggle:

Julie Ordon... voted HOT!

cheers for this,its for the mrs ov course :whistling:

Small movie clip - I couldn't get it to stop! It semed to go on forever! What a load of rubbish!!!! :w00t:

Ordered my sample though - never forked out for anything Chanel, be ineteresting to see the difference between this an an ordinary lipstick! :?

Thanks, ukads, voted hot and rep left :thumbsup:

makes a change.

there's normally no option for Miss, just Mrs, Ms or Mr.

which annoys me. just because I'm not married doesn't mean I want to be known as Ms. I HATE Ms. it sounds nasty.

Who wants to know about the director of the clip? Who wants to know about the eye of Chanel?

The things we have to sit through to get the wife a free lipstick sample eh?

Voted hot, thanks.

I couldnt even get the link to work! I want some!

Just click on Skip Animation if you don't want to wait.
Then on the next screen click enter and click the free sample link.

Thanks for this:) voted hot!

thank you ordered some

thank you

does this have any animal ingredients or is it ok for vegetarians.

i know you don't eat it, but as vegetarians, we prefer not to have animal on our skin.

thanks for that just my colour voted hot :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

when i go on it the movie plays i cant get off it. and when it finishes theres nothing to click on for free sample?

ordered mine cant wait to pout those lips at my man voted hot

Nice one. Just ordered mine. Thanks. Voted HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Link doesn't work for me either - stupid firewall !!!! r lass will de dissapointed...:x

Chanel is tested on animals.

Reply to andreaelvis : Same thing happens to me. Theres nothing to click on for a free sample.

Cant find the link either...boo hoo!! been round and round in circles


Thank you for expressing an interest in CHANEL and in particular the ROUGE ALLURE lipstick.

Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming response to the ROUGE ALLURE campaign, we are unable to provide you with a sample on this occasion. However, we invite you to visit your local CHANEL counter, and discover the ROUGE ALLURE range with one of our consultants as well as any other CHANEL products that may be of interest to you.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you will visit a CHANEL counter in the near future.

Yeah me also - same email telling me not able to send me a free sample. Probably a con to get you on the mailing list!!!! I unsubscribed as soon as I knew I wouldn't get the freebie!!!!!:p

snap same e-mail today due to overwhelming demand not to receive this nice colour oh well never mind :roll: :roll: :roll:


I also got the e-mail today:x

swines i say! i got the same

Same here, has anyone actually got this sample? :?

Ditto unfortunately

I got the e-mail saying no free sample gutted!

me too:-(

I am gutted!

Another one here. :-(

Soooo sad...

I received my Le Rouge lipstick last week!!

Yippee..I received 2 this morning..lovely shade '34 LIBERTINE' not full size but who cares..
THANKS!! :thumbsup:

Arrived today.:thumbsup:

Yep, mine arrived today as well! :))
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