Free sample of Christina Aguilera perfume

Free sample of Christina Aguilera perfume

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Just fill in your details.


cool just ordered thanks heat added.;)



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Thanks mate.

Anyone know if its a mini bottle, or just one of those postcards to bung in the undies drawer?

Voted Hot whatever though :thumbsup:

Just ordered. Thanks.

ordered thankyou hopefully a little sample bottle!!!!!!


I bet it smells nothing like her!

it will not be worth filling the form out for :-(

Thanks, ordered mine :thumbsup:

Ordered mine, thanks

Cheers ]BlueSky.


BAH!I bet it smells nothing like her!

And how will you know exactly ? :giggle:

Thanks to OP


thanks Bluesky

Ordered Thanks

Thanks BlueSky.

Woweee Thanks:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

ordered for the missus

voted hot

Cheers 4 this

Thanx-ordered mine :thumbsup:

Thanks, just got some for the missus:thumbsup:

Thanks for this Bluesky

Wife had her "sample" come today, shouldnt complain about a freebie, although some of you may be disappointed that this so called "sample" is just a tiny one of those "lift here" foil thingies that you always get in magazines, attached to a postcard.

Quite a fetching picture of Christina though on the postcard for us guys to oogle at :-D

Got mine yesterday...another postcard to add to my collection :x

it's quite nice perfume actually may go out and buy a bottle

Got mine today, don't like it too much. Think I have been spoiled by the daisy one I got a while ago, nothing matches up to that now.

Mine arrived this morning, thanks OP :thumbsup:

i ordered mine this morning... it arrived this evening...

she must have many tiny posting elves at her disposal

Thank you! I've just ordered one and told all my friends too!

Rubbish! its only a postcard..:(

just ordered my free sample
thanks a lot:thumbsup:
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