Free sample of coir gardening compost
Free sample of coir gardening compost

Free sample of coir gardening compost

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Coir is a natural fibre derived from the husk of a coconut. Yes thats right, this great product from a COCONUT. It is an excellent peat free, environmentally friendly growing medium which is used in gardens worldwide. Click the contact us link on the left of the page to request your sample for FREE! You may have to allow for pop ups.


thx. just sent for mine!

Fank-coo Pink Melons! Just what I need for me business!


You are the champion of freebies. thx

Just come in from doing some gardening and saw this thankyou.

super! thanks

Thanks for the info, Ordered some to try.
Heat added.

Cheers, http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/457/enjoyyourdayfrogsid5.gif

This'll (hopefully) do for one of my venus fly traps. Cheers

Thanks. H & R added.

Got lots free yesterday near me (not thia stuff)Maybe i should post it, but it'll probably get cold knowing my luck!

thankyou orderd some for my mam

The site no longer works :P - Looks like that have been inundated with requests and over run thier bandwidth lol! :whistling:

site still down

I have used this. you have to water more often as it dries out quickly.
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