Free sample of Danielle perfume (1.2ml)

Free sample of Danielle perfume (1.2ml)

Found 28th Mar 2007
Danielle by Danielle Steel is available at Boots from 5th March 2007.

Just go to the bottom of the page and print out the e-voucher, then take it into boots for a 1.2ml sample of Danielle perfume


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hiphop_dont_stop told me about this and I am just posting it for her

thanks kel!!! mucho gracias!! :friends:...ooh ok, and ty to hiphop_dont_stop too!!

drat! I still can't give you rep....#$^#%@#$

The link brings up the Boots home page, try this instead:…307 and follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, thanks for this!


Gosh, they don't make it easy for you. When you try to print it you just get a blank page. Depending on your browser, do a 'view' or save the background image then print that off using another app if necessary.


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Thanks AngelUndercover :giggle: Doesnt like you giving me rep does it!

Thanks for the info LaTerciaReal
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