Free sample of Douwe Egberts Instant Pure Gold coffee

Free sample of Douwe Egberts Instant Pure Gold coffee



Company freebie
Just put in a company name and it works. Can't see where it says exclusively.
thanks ... needed some coffee;-)
Never got anything from these types of offers before but gave it ago as I like this coffee. Thanks
mobile catering. i figured that way theyd understand why its a home address he he
coffee is disgusting, hot deal though.
Where's the link to apply for this..??
:Click on "go to deal"

Thanks OP :thumbsup:
heat added, i dont drink coffee but i've had some visitors requesting coffee recently :giggle:
give it a go as a B&B never know our luck,
H&R added
Thanks OP - just registered for one :-)
thanks olavs!!
Thanks put down as small office as I do do paperwork at home!

if you can't be arsed thinking of a decent company name for your free coffee, ]here's a list of fake company names, haha
What size is the sample. Just one of those single coffee packets like you cans see in the picture?
Got this email this morning (I remember ordering this around about a week ago):


Thank you for your interest in Douwe Egberts Instant Pure Gold.

Unfortunately due to unusually high demand and limited stocks we are unable to send you a free sample on this occasion.

Please keep returning to [url][/url] for more great promotions in the future.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards

The Douwe Egberts Professional Team

Does that mean that the offer's expired? x
just got email saying due to high demand on limited stocks no sample for me
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