FREE Sample of Easy 2 Name Labels
FREE Sample of Easy 2 Name Labels

FREE Sample of Easy 2 Name Labels

It's a fact of life that with children - items get left behind and things get lost. You can try and write their names on belongings and clothing but that can be difficult. Name tags are a simple and effective solution to lost property. Easy 2 Name labels have seemingly endless uses including the labeling of school uniform, shoes, socks, bottles, lunch boxes, sports equipment, mobile phones, books and stationery, together with toys and sports equipment. Fill in your contact information for a FREE sample and brochure.


Don't see why this is cold

Thanks for this - sent for samples for school uniform.

You don't actually get labels with your own name on, they will be misprints or generic names like John Smith. So yes you get samples, but they won't have your name on, so I'm guessing thats why this is so cold??

Thanks for that Jellybaby. Thanks pinkmelons.

THANK YOU ! a useful site for anyone with little ones !
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