free sample of Go Splash
free sample of Go Splash

free sample of Go Splash

It's a free sample of Go Splash Strawberry Watermelon!

Go Splash (for those of you who don't know) is a highly concentrated flavouring for water with sweeteners and vitamins.

I've seen a few people with the portable packs, but I've never tried it myself. Please excuse me while I go grab a glass of water to try it out...

...good news - it's absolutely delicious and seriously fun to do. PLUS it's turned the water a pretty shade of pinky-orange.

You can choose as little or as much as you want - "personalise your drink your way" as the folks at Go Splash say.

If you choose to buy a full-size product (which I plan to do this lunch because this flavour is super-yummy), here is some information you might want to know about:

It comes in a handy 48ml pocket-size bottle
Makes 6 litres of flavoured water
No added sugar, low calorie (less than 2 kcal a glass)
Does not need refridgeration


Hmm...this seems like a pretty planned out freebie doesn't it :P ps lunch time is over. Or is this info just copied and pasted..

Website says nothing about a sample

Where's the freebie? oO

Come on then OP, cut out the corporate bull and put the link to the freebie on here, as all I can see is blah blah blah.......

From their Facebook page:

Go Splash

10 December at 16:02 ·

All the samples from our Flavour Match giveaway are making their way through people's postboxes... Do you have yours yet? Post a picture and let us know what you think!

I guess it's all over!
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