FREE sample of Gourmet’s NEW Cat Soup!

FREE sample of Gourmet’s NEW Cat Soup!

Found 7th Apr 2016
“Fellow cats, follow my advice, and you will most certainly be rewarded with innovative new GOURMET® Soup. A delightful idea to add to every connoisseurs menu, giving a distinctive and amazing texture for the palate.

Enhanced with natural ingredients, these delicately refined broths are served in four classic flavours. Without a doubt, these delectable dishes make the perfect meal for cat connoisseurs who have a taste for the luxury."
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Oops! You may have already printed some of these coupons
Doesn't work for me
me neither
Same happens to me ..
Cat soup? Seems a little cruel, but what the hey, I'm a bit bored of tomato
Doesn't work for me, it says I've already printed off the coupons.
What breeds of cat do they use in the soup?
Picked it up today. Thx
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