Free Sample of Ingredients/Sweets
Free Sample of Ingredients/Sweets

Free Sample of Ingredients/Sweets

Click the banner at the top "Click Here / Request Free Samples"

All our current customers receive samples of new products and our product catalogue.

If you are not a current customer of MSK, but would like to receive samples of our new products as we introduce them, or would like to receive our product catalogue please provide the following information.

Credit goes to carriew @ MSE


Signed up


ordered mine ! voted hot , lets hope we get lots of sweeties

mmm yummy yum yum

Thanks, sent off for my sweeties!! :thumbsup:

Not sure we're going to get something from this one, but worth a shot!

MSK are a trade only supplier. They cannot supply the general public. Their products are mainly highly specialised and can only be used by professional chefs as ingredient substitutes for gelatines and starches. Please, whoever put the the web link on the site please delete it. MSK have had to block all enquiries including genuine ones and as a consequence have had to lay off staff.

Any particular reason you decided to reply with that message 5 times?


Last posts without yours were on the 5th of July, nobody would have seen it if you hadn't bumped it up again :giggle:
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