Free Sample of JoopGo

Free Sample of JoopGo

Found 19th Apr 2007
Free Sample of the JoopGo Fragrance.

Use the exclamation mark to move around the site - it is an interestingly design site!

10000 available, 8330 left at the time of writing this!

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Thanks, ordered for the Hubby. :thumbsup:

rep and heat added
8119 left now thanx
heat n rep added
8052 cheers
Wait and see now...Heat added..
thanx ordered some for the other half. heat and rep added
7814 left!
i keep getting , 'failed to submit.please try again' :-(
7604 left now!!!!
:viking: WHY won't it work for me :x
7538 left Thanks warmed
worked ok for me
thanks for this:-D great love smelly stuff:-D
I've done it using Internet Explorer instead of firefox, bloomin computer !! I can finally say thanks op, heat & rep added!!!

:viking: WHY won't it work for me :x

Maybe something to do with your internet settings eg firewall or pop up blocker? I had to tinker with mine a bit.
Anybody know what they'll send? Is it a postcard style scratch n sniff or a small sample bottle...?
Anyone got samples for Dior fahrenheit 32?? thatd be sweet as well, ive googled it but cant see any samples..

taa :santa: :santa:

Anybody know what they'll send? Is it a postcard style scratch n sniff or … Anybody know what they'll send? Is it a postcard style scratch n sniff or a small sample bottle...?

Just a cotton-picking postcard!
thanks for this - 6542 left @ 13:42
Thanks for that, now ordered
Thanks ordered my sample...and 6418 remaining!!
Yep... does not with IE7... So a nice bonus for us Firefox/Opera users :whistling:
6301... should last another day or two I reckon
rep and heat added thanku :thumbsup:
I am getting failiure to submit in firefox and IE :thinking:
thanks for this highguyuk
Just doesnt work for me no matter what. FAILED TO SUBMIT
Pile of poo
6166 left.
Nice Freebie Down to 5918 !!!!:thumbsup:
5510! Thanks OP
What a stupid web site! I put the exclamation mark in the free sample piece and I can't find anything to click for the sample!
And Ive tried IE 7 and Firefox.
yep exactly the same for me. I'm not getting any message when I move the exclaimation mark over the free samples bit. It tells me how many are left but not how to get one!!!:x
Same here (FF and IE)... anyone shed any light on how to get the sample?
well there's 4435 left but i'm like Yomanda, supergoose and Simebaby - I just can't work out how to go about getting the it!!
And same for me...

same here will not let me click on anything:x
me too... how frustrating
same here, they may have expired or probs suspended it for a bit to deal with all the orders lol
well that would explain it except from the numbers are still going down ... its gone down 9 since I've been trying
How do I get the free sample?

I click on "get your free sample" and it just sits there??

Down to 4388 now.
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