Free Sample of Lacoste Elegance.
Free Sample of Lacoste Elegance.

Free Sample of Lacoste Elegance.

Classically refined, yet with an irrepressible sparkle and sense of fun - LACOSTE Elegance is the essential men's fragrance for elegant living.

6-8 weeks to arrive.....

tink x


Nice find, got one for me and a mate.

Nice find.. But the website is not accessible. Is the link the correct one?

Picture looks like a postcard?

I've have a few samples sent from lacoste its always a postcard with a folied covered wipe good for 30 minutes of one time use!

Thanks i collect perfume sample postcards. give ya some heat :thumbsup:

I love a freebie! Heat added!




apparently it thinks that my email addy is invalid

been using the email for 6 years now

how stupid is that

Good find. Thanks

Should arrive just as my Xmas smellies are running out!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

got mine in 3 weeks
but it is only a wet wipe that smells good

any good is it

got mine in under 2 weeks:thumbsup:

got this

nicely packed and very nice sample

it was the actual 2ml sample for free

not something else
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