Free Sample of Max Factor Age Renew

Free Sample of Max Factor Age Renew

Found 3rd Nov 2006
Fill in your details and they will send a sample within 28 days

Click on the bottom left hand side of the page where it says' request free sample'.


will be needing this soon probably, tho no sign of age just yet. :giggle:

when do People start getting wrinkles anyway? i thought around 30??? im not to bothered about getting old, as long as i can controll my bladder and windy pops :giggle:

Thanks for this kat, I suppose its just about now i should be thinking about wrinkles.

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LOL - I'm really trying to stop them!

Honestly 37 and somehow your skin becomes really thin!

But I still have control of my bladder - not sure for how much longer though!

So much for growing old gracefully!

lol your lucky. my mam is 48 and im sure she is losing control. good job noone knows me too much on here, less my mam would be rather embarassed lol anyway i think that is maybe to much info lol

not that 37 is near 48...ya know what i mean he lol

lol kat im only 27 but my 2 young boys are starting to show on me!!!

i can imagine that kids can age you, not saying they have cos obv i not seen im digging a few tonight eh... anyway but the stress and worry kids can cause, not sure ill have any myself but my neice and nephew are enough to age me...hehe

yes, kids will always do it!!!

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Aye wait till they get older - less attention more worry!

Mine's 11 in December and i reckon my face might look like an un-ironed shirt in the next couple of years with worry!

Kids are great if you can hand them back - LOL - only kiddding - she's a great kid but she brings wrinkles and grey hair! So freebie is well needed!

Thanks it's another stocking filler for the wife ........Ahem

Cheers me dears....Every little helps

Thanks ]katrb.

Thanks, keep the missus happy

Just wanted to say thanks

thanks katrb

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No worries everyone hope it keeps the wriinkles at bay!
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