Free Sample of Mobile Bones From Pooch & Mutt (for dogs)
Free Sample of Mobile Bones From Pooch & Mutt (for dogs)

Free Sample of Mobile Bones From Pooch & Mutt (for dogs)

Mobile Bones FREE Sample

Just complete form


thanx,voted hot. my dogs will b sooo happy!!!

thanx orderd some for my mams dog - il give her a treat



Thanks a lot :thumbsup:

Thanks,ordered for my 2 mutts:thumbsup:

Scooby & Harley both say 'thank you' woof!

Lara and Kipper say thank you too !

nice one

Thank you from Philly & Inka:-D

thanks.....hope my dogs like them....i'm sure they will!:thumbsup:

thanks, just ordered my free sample

this'll be a nice treat for my boyfriends parents dog next time we dogsit!


[SIZE=3]Due to the Pooch & Mutt Samples being featured on moneysavingexpert.com and a few other sites we have had a huge surge in demand. It will take us a up to 5 weeks to get the samples out.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]To make sure that you are not disappointed we have done 2 things:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6][COLOR=#000000]1) [/COLOR][/SIZE]][SIZE=6][COLOR=#ff0000]£2 off any order[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]If you do not want to wait for your sample you can ]buy now and get £2 off.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]At check out just enter the promotional code: [COLOR=#ff0000]MSETWO[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Offer ends 30/05/09[/SIZE]


[SIZE=6][COLOR=#000000]2) [/COLOR][/SIZE]][SIZE=6][COLOR=#ff0000]Sample re-request[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]If you would still like your sample, which will be sent out in a few weeks, please ]click here and fill in your details. Apologies for making you do this again. Our request forms were not set up correctly for this scale of demand. Resubmitting your request will make sure that you get the right sample sent to you as quickly as possible.[/SIZE]

[CENTER]][SIZE=1]----CLICK HERE TO re-request your sample----[/SIZE] [/CENTER]

For those of you who are new to Pooch and Mutt's natural health supplements for dogs, below is some information about the 2 products.

Thank you.
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