Free Sample of Nestles Latte Creations
Free Sample of Nestles Latte Creations

Free Sample of Nestles Latte Creations

last posted over 2 months ago - good freebie -

Free Sample of Nestles Latte Creations

Get a FREE sample sachet of Latte Creations® and enjoy the frothy experience for yourself.

Just tick the appropriate box against the Latte Creations® variety you wish to try and then
complete your details below


[COLOR=blue]It does say 1 sample per household, but i've put my partners name in with same address and it worked - thanks Heated and Repped[/COLOR]

Many thanks!!

heat added dont want cold coffe


double choca mocha currently unavailable
but got the classic heat added!


thanks have requested a sample, its a shame the double choc one out of stock!!!

ooo look forward to it coming

Never try it before. Um..


Thanks, I have never tried them before but its free so why not.

ive had this sample its poo. takes forever to come through. and you just add it instead of milk to your coffee. its not that froffy even but a freebie is a freebie so heat

Requested a couple of times, never got the sample

I requested a sample last time and never got it..

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