Free Sample of Potatoes!

Free Sample of Potatoes!

Found 17th Sep 2006
If you wish to find out more about homefarmpotatoes or to simply request a free sample to be delivered to your door please contact us below.

Click on 'Request A Sample' and fill in your details.


LOL @ free potatoes!

Hehehe, Spuds for free
Nice one, Thanks.

If you check the site you'll see they only deliver sort of around London and they're meant to be for professional fish friers, so they might not bother to go out of their way to bring a sample of potatoes to everybody's house.

love spuds

I have been singin the free potatoes song for ages :P lol

Me too lol!

Love spuds, that is. :oops: :giggle:

Lol - Tried this one but not expecting anything to come of it.

dont know about this one. we shall see if they deliver!

[email protected]

dont know about this one. we shall see if they deliver!

Doubt it, but it only took 10 seconds to complete, so nothing wasted if they dont

worth a try!

well signed up lol
lets see
pudulike at my place

its erm different, worth a try

So what's everyone going to do with their free potato (if you get one, which I doubt)

i am going to have a jacket potatoe with mine

Fish + *****
Banger + ****
Roast *******
Boiled *******
French *****
Jacket *******
[SIZE=4]WHAT"S MISSING :whistling:
[SIZE=2]Did anyone get any??[/SIZE]

whats a french potato?

Mash!!!! Mmm My Fav!

french fries!!!


french fries!!!

A-Ha! Very Good

oh yeah .....der brain lol!

Lol, saw this thread up again and thought that someone had actually got one!!!

'I know abit about beds'

Rowwww ya big ol dog !
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