Free sample of Shimmer Limited edition Glow by JLo

Free sample of Shimmer Limited edition Glow by JLo

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In association with Boots and (thus giving me a headache when trying to post this):

'We've got 25,000 free samples of the shimmer limited edition Glow by JLo to give away.'

No idea if its a bottle or postcard so if your fundementally against postcards you may not want to order this.

Click on the link and choose 'Free Sample' from the top menu. And don't forget to competition.


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Sorry guys the direct link to the promotion keeps redirecting to the boots home page. Link below takes you to the right place. If a mod can fix it and let me know what I'm doing wrong. Ta!

Knew there's a reason I only post competitions....…tml

Thanks ]Aggy.

Thanks - rep and heat added!!

I love her perfumes!!!

heat and rep added

Oooo Thank You lots

now you too can smell like that talentless skank


i hope its a bottle spray one! postcard one sucks!
voted hot =)


Thanks, mine's ordered :thumbsup:

she's not talentless

Thanks for this. Hopefully it's a bottle like the last sample of hers:thumbsup:

Cheers, Decent sample.:)


Thanks very much for this!

Thanks Aggy!! =)

thank you great freebie

:-D Thank you!


Thanks looking forward to this

Thank for this nice smelly :-)

ordered for the missus

voted hot

Many thanks for this,

Thanks, just ordered some for the mrs:thumbsup:

is a postcard!!!

Im glad someone else noticed it says "postcard", still did it though thanx

[CENTER][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]This is a postcard. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
When you sign up for the sample is says so in the small print at the bottom.

Got my mini spray sample + a postcard this morning..Well worth the wait! Thanks :thumbsup:

Got mine yesterday, didnt take too long to come and smells nice. Thank you x

Excellent sample, so much better than the cards!

Mine arrived yesterday too, nice little freebie. Thanks OP :thumbsup:
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