Free sample of soap nuts

Free sample of soap nuts

Found 9th Aug 2009
For some bizarre reason I was researching the difference between bio and non-bio wash powders this morning, and came across mention of soap nuts as an environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, bio-degradable and compostable alternative to the commercially available washing powders and liquids available in supermarket. Further research led me to these people who are prepared to send out a free sample. You can either send them a large SAE or pay £0.75 via paypal to cover postage and envelope costs, but it's a small price to pay to try something like this.
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Thank you-have been looking at trying these so this is a good opportunity.
Thank you, have ordered to try.
Have ordered these to try, not something I have heard of

What is the difference between bio and non bio. I have always wanted to know as i have exma and onlu use non bio.
Biological washing powder contains enzymes which break down stains etc in the wash .Non Bio doesn't contain the enzymes.

In terms of the environmental impact, neither system is perfect. Whilst the enzymes contained in a biological wash powder may take longer to disperse in the environment, the temperatures for washing can be lower than for a non-biological powder. The non-bio powder could take a higher temperature to do the same wash, which uses more electricity and water and this also has an environmental impact.
75p to try, no thanks, its not free.
You just can't beat soapy nuts.

You just can't beat soapy nuts.

Haha: gentleman's shower :-D
Hoo ken thess be free? :?
Mine have just arrived so many thanks for the post-repped.
Mine arrived & have been through the washing machine once so far - so far, so good. H&R:thumbsup:
These work surprisingly well-I have ordered a bigger pack and will now change from ecover-I would recommend them-no messy washing machine drawer either methinks!!.
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