Free sample of Spatone for mums to be. Iron supplement
Free sample of Spatone for mums to be. Iron supplement

Free sample of Spatone for mums to be. Iron supplement

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One sachet of Spatone contains the equivalent iron found in 8lbs of broccoli.

For your Pre-natal use...

Health professionals advise women to review their diet and lifestyle when planning for a new baby. Ideally, it is recommended that couples give themselves 6-12 months to get to optimum health before conceiving. A health check is often a good idea.

Up to 30% of women are iron deficient. In order to have a healthy baby iron together with other important vitamins and minerals is a good foundation. In preparation for your pregnancy, one sachet of Spatone can provide the entire average (absorbed) daily iron requirement, and help to maintain or build up your iron level.

For during your pregnancy...

Research has shown that iron requirement can double during the second half of pregnancy. Because of this exceptional demand for iron, requirements are often not met by diet alone. It is often at this time that women are prescribed iron tablets and suffer with the uncomfortable symptoms that are often associated with them such as constipation.

Spatone provides a gentle alternative iron supplement that is ideal to take at this time. Clinical trials have proven it to be a highly absorbable and effective supplement during pregnancy.

For Post Natal use...

Lack of energy at this time can detract from the enjoyment and ability to cope with the demands that a new baby can bring. This lethargy is commonly caused by a lack of iron, perhaps through natural blood loss during delivery. It is important to replace it; not only to boost energy levels, but to aid the healthy production of milk.

Spatone is extremely useful to help maintain or quickly build up your iron levels at this time.


Fab one my friend thank you!!! have some preggy girl friends:friends::friends:

great find on my second now never tryed this before hope it comes

Do these poor women not have enough to iron already?

Great Many Thanks Will Pass On To Pregnant Daughter:)

Only negative I can see is that the body will not absorb more vitamins than it needs. The rest goes down the proverbial. As the advice says, start early and build up, there are no short term wins in this case.
BTW someone advertised the "its good for you" slogan based on iron content for years even though an ardent alcoholic would have struggeled to achieve the equivalent of an ounce of broccoli from their product

If by testing your blood,you are low,the midwife will get the GP to prescribe you Iron supplements anyway.

Best to get from food sources,cos sometimes Iron supplements can cause constipation and you might be prone to it anyway in pregnancy.
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