Free Sample of Tea Tree Oil (First 1000)

Free Sample of Tea Tree Oil (First 1000)

Found 14th Mar 2007
PLEASE NOTE: I am submitting this on behalf of hiphop_dont_stop

We are giving away a free 10ml Tea Tree oil to all clients who register on our website (Max 1000).

How to Claim: Easy 3 steps

1). Click here to visit our home page and then click the "Register" button on the left hand side of the page.

2). Choose a username and password and enter your email submit.

3). Enter your address details on the next page and when finished click submit again.


The FREE 10ml Tea Tree Oil will be posted out to you within 7-10 days. (only 1 per household allowed).

Once Again: All credit for this goes to hiphop_dont_stop
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thnx for that:-D i just cant get my head round how to post them :oops:
i'l leave u rep :-D
Thanks hiphop_dont_stop and kelly_o_fanatic

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She has already read through threads on it, I have also offered to explain it in simple terms, but she preferred me posting it and crediting it to her - and I dont mind
Thanks. One thing, seems you can't sign out from the site. I clicked If you are not ** ***** ***** click here, which I did, leave the site, return and I'm still logged in!!
thanks for this :thumbsup:
thank you for this
I emailed them about the not staying logged out issue and got a reply within minutes........


If you are registered every time you make af resh visit to our site it remembers who you are form your last visit.

If you log out and leave the site you are logged out. You only log back in automatically on your next visit to our site. If for some reason you want to log out during your visit to our site you can click the button on the home page click here if you are not ........ and for the rest of the time you are browsing you will be logged out. This is unusual though as most people want to be logged in if they have an account so that they don't have to type there address details in etc at checkout.

I can promise you that once you close the browser you are not still logged in. It is only on your return that it logs you back in.

Best Regards,

Dave Freer

Essential Oils Direct Ltd - Suppliers of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils & Cosmetics
Tel: 0161 633 3952
Fax: 0161 652 9693

I replied with..........

Interesting that it automatically signs you back in after logging out, leaving the site and having cleared all cookies, this is not the norm for any site that uses a username and password. There is no use of a username or password if anyone can go to the site via my computer and use my account without needing to know my username or password!

I have designed a few sites in my time and use dozens with a username/password system, none of which sign you in automatically when returning to a site after having logged out.

What is the purpose of having a username and password on your site then?
the EU are considering banning tea tree oil - apparently it can give young boys man boobs!

Thanks. One thing, seems you can't sign out from the site. I clicked If … Thanks. One thing, seems you can't sign out from the site. I clicked If you are not ** ***** ***** click here, which I did, leave the site, return and I'm still logged in!!

it didnt do that 4 me...i did it and then when i mentioned i couldnt work out how to post the deal and kelly_thingymyjiggy (cant remember ur username:giggle: )offered to help show me or post 4 me i had to go back and find the offer again and i wasnt logged back in when i went on there again
Scientists warn tea tree oil may “disrupt hormonal function” - February 22, 2007
Tea tree oil may be banned in the EU admist fears that it can provoke rashes, allergies and even disrupt hormonal function, reports The Observer.

Scientists advising the EU say that even small amounts of undiluted oil could be unsafe and unstable after clinical trials showed that users risked allergic reactions and skin rashes.

Meanwhile, research from America has shown that tea tree oil, along with other ‘essential oils’, may act as endocrine disruptors, leading to changes in hormonal function. Research has linked tea tree oil and lavender oil in hair and skin products to breast growth in boys. When the boys stopped using the products, the breasts disappeared.

Products containing tea tree oil at low concentrations (less than 1%) are considered safe. But toiletries and cosmetic companies that produce the neat form of the oil have been told that they have until June to provide evidence of safety. Unless they can convince the Scientific Comm-ittee on Consumer Products (SCCP) that the products are safe, they may face a ban.

Frances Fewell, director of the Institute for Comple-mentary Medicine, told The Observer that because ‘essential oils’ were natural, many people assumed they were safe in all situations. She said: “Tea tree oil is a very aggressive oil. You should never apply any sort of essential oil directly without diluting it first in a suitable carrier oil.”

• In 2004 the SCCP published its formal opinion on tea tree oil, concluding that the “sparse data available” suggested that undiluted oil was not safe, and that the stability of tea tree oil in cosmetics was “questionable”.

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]OFFER HAS NOW CLOSED[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [CENTER][SIZE=2][COLOR=Black][FONT=Verdana]March 14th 2.01pm

Wow that was quick! Awwww only 9minutes too late digi :-(
This arrived today Really good freebie because is the size you would normally buy!
got mine 2day
Mine arrived yesterday too.:thumbsup:
Mine arrived today :D, i can't believe how good it is, just had a bath and used it, there's alot aswell, enough to last months. Awesome deal, nice to know i was 1 in a 1000
Glad it was useful to people Was a really decent sized sample - and so many uses!

Put it on any spots or warts and it will get rid of them good for nits too supposedly

Be careful if you are asthmatic though, always kicks mine off - gave this to mum
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