Free Sample Of Toblerone Tobelle
First 10,000 people to register get a free sample of Toblerone Tobelle for themselves and a friend.


Sweeties that hurt you!!!!!

nice one - like the bit where you can send one to a friend without having to put another email in:thumbsup:

great deal, heat added


this sweet is great

:thumbsup:2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 freebie.:-D Great find !!!

Nice one, thanks :thumbsup: h&r added

Remember to let your friend know its on the way if they own a dog :thumbsup:

Nice one! Do you get confirmation if you're one of the first 10,000 or do u have to sit & wait??

Nice one !!! Heat added!! xxx:thumbsup:


Got to be innit, to winnit!


Is it greedy to name yourself as your nearest and dearest to get an extra sample?


Is it greedy to name yourself as your nearest and dearest to get an extra … Is it greedy to name yourself as your nearest and dearest to get an extra sample?

Not at all...


thank you x


Free Chocolate;-)

Yum Yum! Thank You

yum... OUCH....yummm....OUCH!!...yumm....

Sent for mine, hopefully I will be lucky. Thanks

Excellent. thanks very much

yummy. It eve lets you give your friends address as the same as yours. I know middle names had some use.....

mmmmmmmm. Thank you. Lovely stuff :-D

woohoo! free chooclate!


If you're not successful the first time...

Free sample offer is limited as follows: 10,000 samples during the period 16.10.09 and 25.11.09 and 10,000 samples during the period 26.11.09 and 31.12.09. Samples will be sent to the first 10,000 applicants and their recommended recipients registered in each period. If you are unsuccessful in the first period, you may re-apply. Maximum of one free sample per address.

Send a friend a sample: You may recommend a maximum of one person to receive a sample with a personal message from you. If a recipient is recommended by more than one applicant, then only the first recommendation for that address will be fulfilled. All requestors will however be eligible for the offer, as stated in point 4 above. You will be notified if your application has been unsuccessful.

THANKS love this choccy :thumbsup: fingers crossed

Thank you ....:thumbsup:

H & R added.

Thanks very much :thumbsup:

chocky - very addictive - thanks :w00t:

Nice one, need to pop back in on the 26th Nov for some more.

great find op, i did this ages ago when they were offering the new daddies a toblerone took ages to arrive and i had forgot about it but for a freebie whose complaining

thank you

Thanxxx =]

Done Let's Hope!!:-d

Cheers rep n heat added

thanks - fingers crossed!!

thanks, free chocolate mmmmm

do you only get oen triangle as the survey suggests?



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