Free sample of Yorkshire Tea teabags
Free sample of Yorkshire Tea teabags

Free sample of Yorkshire Tea teabags

Free sample of yorkshire tea teabags including hard water or decaffeinated


Did my sample, hope its more than one tea bag!

it says all samples given away for today

Sorry! You're just a little bit late, we've already given away500 free … Sorry! You're just a little bit late, we've already given away500 free samples today.Please come back tomorrow to try again.Why not visit out online shop; "Bettys by Post" to browse our range of delicious handmade cakes, chocolates, fine teas and coffees?You're sure to find something to tempt you.

Will try tommorow, Thanks!


Will try tommorow, Thanks!

Same here

i have tried this load of times and got nothing ever from them has anyone else befor? cheers

Worked for me- thanks. Love this tea

Cheers only tea I drink :thumbsup:

Tried it again as its a new day, Still didn't work!!

Thanks, just requested one

You can't beat a free cuppa :thumbsup:

Arrgghh!, It still isn't working!!

I think that they only send a certain amount to the postcode region in question, so you wont get any no matter how many times you try!

Awww still wont work for me today. shame

Nope not working for me either again!, It would have been one offer i was intrested in!

(and i've tried all 3 types of tea bags)

Thanks, just worked for me first time. :thumbsup:

Will try again 2moro!!

Just entered are old postcode and it seemed to go through.

Seems like it doesn't like some post codes!

Yeah !! got through

Took about a week to arrive, TWO teabags and a voucher for 50p off as well as the chance to enter a competition!

Tried the tea straight away - think I brewed it too long, wasn't the best cuppa I've ever had!

It's hard to make a good cup of tea IMHO, sometimes it's perfect other times it's poop.

Now where do I get those laughing smiley heads? lol

Just got mine through - to be honest I don't really notice much difference between that and own brand tea bags.

:thumbsup:Got mine also.hot

Got it thanks

i received my two tea bags of Yorkshire Tea today and i only ordered them on Wednesday. So the link does still work

Yup got mine the other morning, bril! Thanks alot!

it does work, you get 2 teabags in foil sachets

Teabags for me also...cheers!!

came a couple of days ago, thanks

Thanks, got my two teabags!

Tea bags turned up about a week after I posted for them. Two of them which went down well.

Still around.. thanks for the pointer callan

Still Working thanks

Rosy lee for me yeah!thanks

Worked For Me


Cheers, ordered some hard water ones :thumbsup:

Just ordered mine. I drink Yorkshire tea all the time :-D

my first attempt we'll see

Nice find!

Can't beat a free cuppa!

Heat and rep added!

Thanks for that I've just successfully ordered my free tee bags.

Excellent - still works!

got mine today two lil free sachets of tea
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