Free Sample Olay Total Effects 7 in1

Free Sample Olay Total Effects 7 in1

Found 5th Oct 2008
Request your free sample today and experience a moisturiser that's packed
with 7 powerful, anti-ageing solutions. You can choose from two different products:

new improved total effects 7in1 Night or total effects 7in1 Touch of Sunshine
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Thanks. Ordered one for the wife - I'm sure she'll be pleased:giggle:
cheers have ordered mine!:thumbsup:
Super Olay. Thanks!
Ordered and found from prev exp with Olay they quite fast with there deliverys.
Thanks. Ordered mine.
great cheers
Ordered mine thanks.
Thank you soooo very much - I could do with a bit of shimmer on my whiskers!
thanks doc:thumbsup:
Thanks heat added:thumbsup:
thanks heat rep added
cheers doc :thumbsup:
thanks, voted hot
thanks just ordered one for my wife:thumbsup:
Sent for mine, thank you
and me thank you
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]fabulous, darling mmmwwaahhhhhh[/COLOR]
Thanks :thumbsup::w00t:
Heat added. thanks :roll:
wicked, if it's free we cant grumble!!:thumbsup:
I find these useful for moisturising my wife's groin area.

I find these useful for moisturising my wife's groin area.


Thanks OP:thumbsup:
Thanks - heat added
Just ordered mine. Only found this site today i'm loving it. :thumbsup:
Just found this freebie today. Can't wait for it to arrive - my current moisturiser is gonna run out soon so it'll bide me a little more time, hopefully! :thumbsup::thumbsup::)
Got ours today - Rep left for OP
Just too let you know mine arrived this morning.And as you can see it got good packaging,small sample which i didn't expect i actually thought it would be smaller so was pleased with the size.
picture below shows what arrived.adding rep and heat thanks.


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