free sample sachet of Pernaton Gel
free sample sachet of Pernaton Gel

free sample sachet of Pernaton Gel

free sore muscle gel


Ordered My Sample, Thank You

"Thank you for your interest, a member of our Sales Department will contact you shortly."

Ha ha, they will be wasting their time!

TIP: Don't put any phone contact details down, it is not compulsory

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Got the same, Server Application Unavailable....

Free sample sachets apply to Ireland customers only, one sample per household

server error
thats the same with me :?

oh sorry your new link worked :thumbsup:

for ireland address only

I've ordered and received this in the past, they do send it out to you, but you get pestered - I wouldn't do it again! Sorry.

Pheww Im glad I had a read further down the comments

I got my sample a while back, no pestering, so far.
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