Free Sample - Tile Sealers and Tile Cleaners
Free Sample - Tile Sealers and Tile Cleaners

Free Sample - Tile Sealers and Tile Cleaners

For the DIY enthusiast:

For top quality tile sealers and tile cleaners at great prices choose M2direct.
Sealing your tiles and grout will help keep your tiles looking new for longer and will also allow time to clean up spills and stains before they absorb deep into the stone.
M2direct sells only the very best tile sealers and tile cleaners: see below for more details of our tile sealers and tile cleaners.

Get Free Sample Of:
Wall and Floor Grout Protector
Colour Intensifier and Stainblock
Mattstone Matt Finish Stone Sealer
Stone Oil Pre - polish Sealer
Antique Stone Oil
Glaze Protector Self Shine Tile Sealer
Ironwax Satin Finish Tile Sealer
Ironwax Gloss Finish Tile Sealer
MPG Tile Sealer
Clear Beeswax Floor and Wall Polish
Antique Beeswax Floor and Wall Polish
Boiled Linseed Oil Tile Sealer
Grimex Heavy Duty Grime Remover
Grout Stain Remover
Solvex Wax and Polyurethane Sealer Remover
Spot Stain Remover
Stone Wash Maintenance Cleaner
Wax Wash Natural Floor Soap
Power Stripper Tile Cleaner
Multiclean Surface and Tile Cleaner
Fullers Earth
Floorshine Floor Wash

Supply details and they contact you to confirm request.


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