Free Samples of Hugo Boss perfumes
Free Samples of Hugo Boss perfumes

Free Samples of Hugo Boss perfumes

Men and Women who wear HUGO enjoy breaking the rules.

They are spontaneous and original in everything they do. That's why they choose HUGO. It's the scent that says it all. Perfect for whatever HUGO lovers decide to get up to.


gr8 thanx got 1 and 1 for a friend too.

theyre only post card samples

postcard samples are pointless

Sent for mine, shame they are post cards.

Heat added

I received two samples this morning. not postcards. They are Boss Pure, and are little things i havent seen before. A cardboard square with a tab you pull up. then you squeeze the square and it sprays/squirts some aftershave. Cute and it smells lovely, very fresh.

the page isn't workin' 4me. it just a black bakground with a pink dotted border???????


postcard samples are pointless

[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=blue]Thanks have ordered all 4 samples :thumbsup:, they are not pointless as I collect them and anyway if your not interested in them [COLOR=red][SIZE=4]don't[/SIZE] [/COLOR]order them[/COLOR][/FONT] :x [FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=blue]and leave them for the HUKD users that do want them [/COLOR][/FONT]

hugo boss deep red is my absolute favourite perfume!!

Ordered,cheers donger20. http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/1042/greatwkendbearsxd1.gif

Thank You :thumbsup:

Thanks, have some heat.

Another sock drawer job, oh well.......my feet do pong a bit :oops:

heat added, got a sample from them for hubby ages ago and it's a little squirty thing so now it's my turn!!

lovely thanx

ours came the other day and it wasnt a postcard sample that came, it was this weird lil pack u pull up and press the middle and it sprays there was a least a few ml inside, infact hubby use fti 3 times and its still going ! they also sent him out the matchig moisturiser to ! !!

Heat added x

ordered mine! thank you ! :-)

all run out of samples! :-( me sad now. [sob!] x
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