Free samples of new Herbal Essences range

Free samples of new Herbal Essences range

Found 19th Dec 2008Made hot 20th Dec 2008
This was posted 5 months ago and expired - but is back again. Seems to be for the new Herbal Essence range this time... Also not sure if they are travel size ones or sachets....

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Test on animals
- moneytree


dont work for me

Original Poster

That happened to me but if you try it again, it will say you have applied for them!

As previous poster said, ignore the blank page, your order will have gone through.

I aplied the 1st time around and didnt get anything then last week I got 2 small bottles of the new one in the green bottle through the door

great. thx


I got this as a message after i had pressed submit
'The system cannot find the file specified.'

I got the same message as most people then went to an error page
Hope its gone through thanks for that!


i used the "hello hydration" conditioner last night and it seems really good!!

when i clicked submit i got Error - The system cannot find the file specified. :-(

I resubmitted after the error and it says you have already requested a sample so I am guessing it went through and someone in their IT department messed up the page script

Second attempt confirmed I'd already ordered when the first attempt said "The system cannot find the file specified.", so voted hot. Thanks

looking forward to getting mine. Thanks. Voted hot.

always worth getting freebies, keeps me in the wifes good book and believe me, i need the help

Ordered, thanks. :thumbsup:

this is hot, thanks:thumbsup:


thank you, ordered mine x

same as others "The system cannot find the file specified. "
but lets wait and see,added heat all the same.


Does it matter that I'm a guy and I ordered it?

sorry if I sound smug :giggle: but I got ...

"Thank You! Your request has been successfully submitted.
Please allow up to 45 days for the delivery of your product samples"

Great find ... hopefully it will take less than 45 days to arrive though!

i have just ordered my FREE sample! WOO!!! it sed 2allow 45days for delivery. i am happi! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! XXXXXxxxxx

thanks, voted hot and ordered my samples :thumbsup:

Got mine today

got my sample on monday, thank you

thanks, got mine yesterday :thumbsup:

worked first time for me and acknowledged request. looking forward to getting samples :o)
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