Free Samples with Catalogues

Free Samples with Catalogues

Found 7th Jul 2007
Mannik Promotions are totally committed to designing and supplying Promotional Products, Business Gifts and Handout Awareness Incentives.

Click the "Request a Catalogue and a Free Sample Pack" Button

Thanks to carriew on MSE for this
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What a horrible, nasty and noisy site!
thanks buddy. ordered the catalogue. looks like a great site for promo products. heat and rep added. cheers.
Going to wait and see what people get - I think it will probably just be catalogues
Im using firefox with adblock plus, noscript, etc etc, and I dont see any "noise" no adverts no sounds

and thanks for the rep spendingram
You need to fill in a company ??
Received samples & catalogues - placed order, great Company and very helpful service.

You need to fill in a company ??

I always put in "Zerbirus Inc" even for the recycling bins and wallcoverings I did that and had no trouble :giggle:
This came today, got a thin brochure, mug brochure (about 2 pages thick) and my little mannik notepad in an A4 Brown Envelope.
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