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Posted 14 September 2022

Free Samsung galaxy Tab A8 - 10.5" WiFi and Galaxy Buds 2 with Galaxy Tab S8+ or Tab S8 Ultra purchase (£150 trade in too) @ Samsung EPP

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

You can get £150 trade in value for Any tablet on top as well.
Pretty decent offering.

Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. Avatar
    Tablets are very pricey though and inferior to iPads.
    Not everyone likes and supports the Apple ecosystem. Also what are you basing your tablets being inferior to iPads comment on? (edited)
  2. Avatar
    I posted this the other day and it went cold..
  3. Avatar
    I'd love another S8+ for £389 but looks like we're not getting that again
  4. Avatar
    @sajidtg you haven't given us examples of final prices.
  5. Avatar
    too late Samsung... My cash went to a competitor. congrats
  6. Avatar
    Think this was posted the other day
  7. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    Wow free tab A8 . Nice. All I got was Disney+ and some crap ear buds
  8. Avatar
    I git a fit bit
  9. Avatar
    cant seem to get the buds for free, seems to be coming up as £80
    Which tablet you have tried?
    I just checked and its working fine.

  10. Avatar
    The buds 2 don’t automatically add for me. When I do add them, they effectively work out as £3.78 due to the extra 10% off. Not bad
    Mine adds automatically.
  11. Avatar
    When I add tradein it doesn’t seem to apply the full £150 value:

    It is correct - Tab S8+ priced at £764.
  12. Avatar
    Can you trade in amazon fire kindle tablet for this?
    I want to know this too
  13. Avatar
    buds showing as £80.19, is there any difference between student and epp store?
  14. Avatar
    How do u get an epp account
    If you've got a medicash account it's on there under medicash extras.
  15. Avatar
    doesn't work... asks me to sign in...I sign in then it asks me to verify my email... says it's not a valid email address.. Well considering I signed in with it and also just bought a Samsung s95B and surround sound system with same account... I don't know why it doesn't like my email address. Tried on two browsers with no luck.

    just verified my account with 2 step verification... still says invalid email... stupid Samsung (edited)
  16. Avatar
    I didn't go through the EPP, but got the s8+ and A8 with trade in for £699 interest free over 3 years and I have no complaints. Would have liked the earbuds, but have the buds+ and they still do me fine. Both are really nice tablets.
    Hey, how did you get deal without epp. Really want tab s but not part of epp. Thanks
  17. Avatar
    I into my apple gear, iPad 12.9, MacBook, iPhone 13, watch…

    and I have an s8 ultra and it’s an incredible cordless smart tv.. the picture is amazing.

    that’s all I use it for….

    didn’t get any of that other gear free
  18. Avatar
    I sold my iPadPro and moved to the Ultra - able to use this for working without feeling I am compromising productivity or time. Have been 100% into the Apple ecosystem up to then but the size/screen turned my head.
    Defo recommended with this deal (and the cheap-ish keyboard cover in the other thread (keyboard/stand no where need as good as the magic keyboard for ipad though))
  19. Avatar
    I got stuck...it says not valid email tried all other emails too.
    Had a chat with Samsung online shop support. their answer on this offer:
    " Upon checking you are in the EPP site, and unfortunately we don't have visibility on that site. We do actually have discounted websites offered for employees, students, Blue Light cardholders, military and defense, health services discounts UK and NHS Blue Light discount. The link and your login details to access the discounted site will be given to you via email by your company/organization."
    "Actually this is also a Samsung, but the only difference is that this is a discounted site for the employees, students, Blue Light cardholders, military and defense, health services discounts UK and NHS Blue Light discount. And the offer there is different from the main website."
    so looks like I am nobody to get this specific offer waste of time..nothing free (edited)
  20. Avatar
    Received today the tab s8+.. I am locked to Apple having iPhone for the last 10 years, iPad and MacBook.
    used to have a Sammy phone the great galaxy s2 , then android used to be less complicated and was able to install custom ROMs with fairly ease but with 10 mins was lost with the tab s8+ so complicated, the sh..t brightness and that glossy screen the lag even with 120 hz. The reason to get the tab was my iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen the screen is cracked badly all over but still works perfectly and thought to get that tab with amoled screen . Really disappointed, thought Samsung could had made a great iPad killer. Tomorrow have Genius Bar apointment , yes will cost me around 600 pounds to fix my 4 years old iPad but I just can't justify the same money for galaxy tab s8 plus
  21. Avatar
    Guys, I'm going via the blue light card and following the link above. I can see the deals but I'm stuck on the Tab A8 part, it says in the small print it's only available via the students store?

    Has anyone else had the same? Thanks for any help:)
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