Free Samsung Galaxy Tab E when upgrading to Sky Box Sets
Sky have an offer of a free Samsung Galaxy Tab E for existing customers who upgrade to box sets as part of their Black Friday deals.
Says from £6 a month depending on package, but for me shows up as £3 as I'm on a half price deal. Also £26 cashback via Topcashback. So for me it would be only £10 to get the tablet!


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Already posted

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sorry, bloody app!

posted where?

Page after page later, it states I need to buy the Q box for £199......

£36 extra for me. so cold.


£36 extra for me. so cold.

​Sorry an extra £26.50

I know that adding box sets will give me a new 12 month contract for my TV. But will it also extend my fibre broadband contract with Sky for another 12 months? Because I was considering leaving for another provider so I wouldn't want to do that.

Have to thank the OP for this as im on the 75% off deal with 100 credit so only paying sky 1.50 a month extra (out of their own money) and got a tablet worth 100-150 for my sons xmas present. Had the tablet delivered a few weeks ago plus got a free movie download and dvd to keep as an xmas bonus worth 13.99. Merry xmas all
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