This deal expires on 2 January at 23:59
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Free Sausage Roll or Bake + Hot Drink when you download the app (new customers) @ Greggs

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From today, you can receive a sausage roll or a savoury of your choice in addition to the usual free hot drink when you download the Greggs app. The offer runs until January 2nd 2023. To redeem Free Bake Offer members need to toggle on their Free Bake Offer in the Wallet section of the Greggs App and scan in shop. The Reward will be automatically redeemed.

9. Free Bake App Offer – New Customers a. The Free Bake App Offer (the ‘Free Bake Offer’) will be applied to all new Greggs customers who download the Greggs App and create a Greggs Account between October 3rd 2022 up to January 2nd 2023.

b. The Free Bake Offer entitles a new Greggs Account holder to a free bake or savoury of their choice based on availability, in addition to the regular hot drink treat in the Greggs App.

c. The Free Bake Offer must be redeemed within 31 days from issue, after which it will expire and will no longer be capable of being redeemed.

d. The Free Bake Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

e. This Free Bake Offer has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for any other product or cash.

f. Greggs plc reserves the right to withdraw this Free Bake Offer at any time.

g. Greggs plc reserves the right to substitute any product within this promotion at its absolute discretion.

h. Greggs Rewards transactions may not be available in all of Greggs franchise outlets, so eligible members may not be able to redeem the Reward in a Greggs franchise outlet (for example those operated by Moto, Euro Garages and Applegreen).  It will also not be available at the Wolverhampton Hospital Greggs shop.

i. To redeem Free Bake Offer members need to toggle on their Free Bake Offer in the Wallet section of the Greggs App and scan in shop. The Reward will be automatically redeemed.

j. The promoter is Greggs plc of Greggs House, Quorum Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 8BU

Any question concerning the legal interpretation of the terms and conditions will be based on English law and the Courts of England and Wales will have jurisdiction.
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  1. Avatar
    Comes with free heartburn...have some heat
    And a high blood pressure due to excessive levels of salt
  2. Avatar
    I've just downloaded the app and signed up, my free drink and a offer is only valid until 03.11.22
    Same for me. The offer itself is valid till next year but you have 31days to use it from date of signing up.
  3. Avatar
    Can’t see terms for drink . Any and large allowed ?
    Free drinks allow for any size, so yes
  4. Avatar
    Can you get a drink and a chicken bake at the same time? (Is it considered as Conjunction?)
    Can use multiple app redemptions at once, so can redeem for a free bake and hot drink in one go, and the drink can be regular or large.
  5. Avatar
    Cheaper to buy a 4 pack of sausage rolls when the shops have them. No stotties down South though, so have to bring them back and freeze when visiting my dad. Thankfully they keep well.
    How can it be cheaper than free?
  6. Avatar
    20p price rise (on top of the earlier year 10p rise) in london this past weekend.

    1.30 now for a sausage roll!
    I get a full pack of them for less at Asda haha, they are gorgeous too but a Greggs is still tasty and unique tasting. Sometimes worth a little trip or if you need to get one for lunch when at work
  7. Avatar
    All I get from that article is that Greggs have smart social media people, and that a sausage roll used to cost 80p in 2014.
  8. Avatar
    Why freeze them when you can get them in ICELAND 4 for £2.50
    I prefer mine warm but understand it's a bit costly to turn the oven on nowadays
  9. Avatar
    How about looking after and treating the customers you have rather than just new customers
    Damage already done innit
  10. Avatar
    I already have the app. How can I benefit from this freebie? I'm a cheapo
    Sign up again and use a different email and mobile number.
  11. Avatar
    Haven't bought a Greggs in years, steak bakes were £1 back then! Got given one a couple of years ago and had to ask "where is the steak?" as it was basically a gravy bake.
    Will try my luck with a free one later this week, hope they've improved to old standards.
    I'd stick with the sausage rolls or corned beef bakes these days. For the price of steak bakes I don't think they can afford to put a reasonable amount of steak in them like they could back in the day, actually putting a decent amount of steak would probably triple the price so they've instead made them more like a gravy bake which actually I find pretty good if you aren't expecting it to actually contain meat chunks.
  12. Avatar
    Free sausage roll /coffee also available every week for O2 users .

    Though it's a bummer that it replaced the cafe Nero freebie 👎 (edited)
    Nero was proper coffee maaan!
  13. Avatar
    This is a usual offer, nothing new here but a good deal anyway.

    Prices went up today, 3rd time this year ahaha. Sausage Rolls now £1.15, steak bakes £1.80, Pepperonies now £2.10.
    I believe the free drink is the usual free item for signing up, with the free savoury item being a bonus until January
  14. Avatar
    Greggs Wembley high road branch never serve hot chocolate or mocha if you have free code , since last 2-3 months they telling customers we don’t have chocolate powder.
  15. Avatar
    Just downloaded app and unless I'm mistaken, they've given me 2 free hot drinks and 2 bakes? :/
    Only got 2, might be a visual bug
  16. Avatar
    Free is good 🔥
  17. Avatar
    Great. Heat added.
  18. Avatar
    Open a new account - love a freebie - their app is good too
  19. Avatar
    Luke warm sausage roll ? no thanks. never had a hot one yet. Great offer for people who want it though, heat added.
  20. Avatar
    Good deal but generally Greggs have gone significantly downhill. Had a steak bake recently and it felt really light. I opened it up and saw 2 small pieces of steak and the rest was just gravy. All for £1.85!
  21. Avatar
    Remember the days when a single pasty would fill you up and now you have to buy 2 at twice the price to get the same amount of filling. Greenhalghs are better but even they’re scrimping on the filling. Carrs pastries are the best these days.
  22. Avatar
    Definitely going Greggs now lol