Free "scars on 45" accoustic song - MP3

Free "scars on 45" accoustic song - MP3

Found 12th Oct 2010
Scars on 45 are giving away an accoustic version of their song "give me something".

Don't know if its any good but maybe there's some fans on here who like them.


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can't seem to edit the original link so direct link to file here…c7e

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HOT HOT HOT i love these guys.

Saw them at cockpit in Leeds. Just an amazing band, plus i know lead singer haha.


I hate it when this happens.... I hear one song and I need to hear more and there is nowhere to get any..... no album, whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?

..unless you good folks know of such a place?

There are lots more songs on their facebook page, the album is due out early next year!…770

they sound really good
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