free scoops of ben and jerrys ice cream

free scoops of ben and jerrys ice cream

Found 3rd Apr 2008
Ben & Jerry's are offering unlimited free scoops of ice cream on 29th April between 1 and 5 pm. Click link to find nearest scoop store to u
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;-)so cool
Is this the scoop they use?

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Where did you hear about this?
QUOTE=JaggySnake;1829497]Where did you hear about this?[/QUOTE]

Wikipedia aparently they do it every year

Is it that time of year again?!?!?!
NO WAY!!! What a co-incidence. My favourite ice-cream on my birthday! Best of all its free!!! You can all remember me while stuffing your gobs in!
Is it free in the UK or just in America?
"On March 23, 2008 Brian Clark, a freshman at the University of Michigan, was contacted by Ben & Jerry's legal team for publishing on social networking site that there was a Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's store's nationwide on April 1, 2008. The group appeared to be an April Fool's Joke and Ben & Jerry's promised to drop legal actions if the group was removed by March 24, 2008. The group was removed and attendees were notified of the joke. No charges have been filed. The annual Free Cone Day is April 29, 2008"

On website it looks like it's in America only as it says about the state of michigan.
I'm pretty sure I've gone to Ben & Jerrys every year at Leicester Square to collect my free scoops of ice cream. There's a line of ppl going for it though, and if you go back into the line after your one scoop eventually the staff make jokes about you =p (oh that guy is back again) haha!

Think it's their birthday or something that they do this?
great, yum!
ice cream is now hot! (weird)

Is this the scoop they use?

Remember this one from last year. Voted HOT.
Haha cool.
Date confirmed, but the free scoop isn't available in the stand near me - bummer. Still voted hot!
Bump, thanks for the reminder ]TOOLULA.
FREE scoop tomorrow!!
thanks, voted hot
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