Free Screeing of Flying Monsters 3D @ Sky Rewards
Free Screeing of Flying Monsters 3D @ Sky Rewards

Free Screeing of Flying Monsters 3D @ Sky Rewards

See the amazing Flying Monsters 3D

Claim tickets to see Sir David Attenborough’s incredible documentary on the evolution of the ferocious Pterosaurs on the big screen in spectacular 3D.

This is your chance to claim tickets to see the pioneering documentary Flying Monsters 3D, which will take you back 200 million years to when flying vertebrates ruled the world.

Flying Monsters 3D is written and presented by BAFTA winning natural history broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough and features a host of Pterosaur species.

With spectacular 3D footage of Sir David Attenborough flying in a glider alongside a Quetzalocoatlus this is definitely worth seeing in 3D on the big screen before it airs on Sky Atlantic later this year.

Catch one of the screenings showing on Saturday 23 April in the following cinemas: Bristol Cribbs, Cheshire Oaks, Edinburgh Omni, Birmingham Star City, Leeds Kirkstall, Liffey Valley Dublin, London Westfield and Sky Superscreen at The O2, London.

Password: DINOSAUR


can we have the link please? thanks

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SKY customers only?

There is never any screenings near Durham/Darlington, the only one is Boldon (too far) and they don't come up very often

Thanks York Clifton moor on there now.


Sounds like a pterosaur in itself!
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